Run Your Airport's ORAT Program with Confidence

Citiri is the software platform where ORAT teams engage stakeholders, get work done and succeed.

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The Place to Plan, Track and Do ORAT

Planning & Development

Invoke plans that engage stakeholders and avoid costly change orders. Assign ORAT tasks and create action plans aligned with construction schedules.

Training & Familiarization

Document operating procedures, plan trials, coordinate staff training and familiarize personnel with new systems and facilities with ease.

Trials & Simulations

Run table top exercises along with basic, advanced and integrated trials. Capture results in realtime right from your team’s mobile phones.

Why Citiri?

ORAT teams are tired of dealing with the limitations of spreadsheets, email and SharePoint. With Citiri, ORAT teams are able to run their Operational Readiness programs like never before – Eliminating surprises and keeping every stakeholder engaged and every task planned, tracked and done.

Centralized. Integrated. Collaborative. Mobile.

Digital Is Better

Manual processes inherently carry delays in collecting, entering, formatting, and distributing information, leading to poorly-timed decisions and actions being taken on outdated information. Citiri digitalizes the entire ORAT program to provide teams with accurate, up-to-date information for data-driven decisioning and actions.

Implementing ORAT Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Unlike other systems, Citiri is tailored to the needs of operational readiness and activation teams so you’re able to get up and running in no time with our out-of-the-box functionality and easily make configurable enhancements as your ORAT program develops.

"We want to be the solution airports around the world trust for opening-day success. For projects today and in the future."

– Ortez Gude, Co-Founder and CEO

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